Oxford Pakistan Programme

Who we are

The Oxford Pakistan Programme (the “OPP”) is the first initiative of its kind through which a concerted effort is being made to generate momentum on various Pakistan-related activities at the University of Oxford.

The OPP has three core objectives:

  • Address the underrepresentation of Pakistani and British Pakistani students at the University of Oxford;
  • Promote academic exchange between Oxford University and Pakistan’s institutions of higher learning.
  • Broadening academic conversations on Pakistan beyond the narrow remits of security and geopolitics

Our project

Oxford Pakistan Programme Studentships

The Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) partnership with the Cosaraf Foundation has introduced the new Sheikh Family Studentships designed to provide support to graduate students of Pakistani origin, who remain the most underrepresented BAME group at the graduate level at Oxford.

Currently, the partnership with the Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) has seen three deserving graduate students of Pakistani heritage receive COSARAF studentships at the university.

All three students were judged to be in financial need of our funding, following assessment and verification of their finances. This funding is essential to ensure that they can continue/complete their studies at Oxford, ensuring their further development and the value of their research.


“Thank you very much for making this programme happen. We are really incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have a positive impact on these students’ lives, through your generosity and investment.”