SEED Ventures

Who we are

SEED Ventures (Social, Entrepreneurship, and Equity Development) was established in 2009. As an impact investment organization with a focus on social impact ecosystem development, SEED Ventures has been dedicated to serving Pakistan for over a decade. Being a for-profit entity, SEED Ventures strategically collaborates with diverse sectors, including public, private, and developmental, to effectively achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

SEED Ventures is oriented towards creating a meaningful impact for children, youth, women, and marginalized communities by providing equal opportunity to thrive for all individuals. SEED Ventures envision creating a world where, irrespective of age, gender and background, people are economically prosperous.​

Our project


Pakistan has the lowest rate of female entrepreneurship in the world, with only 1% of female entrepreneurs compared to 21% of male entrepreneurs. SEED Ventures is steadfastly devoted to empowering women and removing the obstacles that prevent their advancement.

Keeping this in mind, SEED Ventures launched the ‘Imarah’ project with the support of Cosaraf Charitable Foundation, Fahmida Begum Foundation and TeeSquare. Imarah is a women empowerment project designed with the vision of uplifting the community in Karachi’s Mehran Town by economically empowering the women living in the community.

The purpose behind Imarah is to provide women with a safe space which enables them to follow their business aspirations fearlessly, creating a climate of trust and support. Therefore, developing and creating an ecosystem where irrespective of gender, and background women can become financially prosperous.​

The three pillars of Imarah are early learning, vocational skill development, and female entrepreneurship. Imarah seeks to give women the information and abilities needed to be successful in their entrepreneurial endeavours by offering these fundamental building blocks.