What we do

Building sustainable communities and lives

Building sustainable communities is more than just building an ‘eco-friendly’ community. It can persist over generations, enjoying a healthy environment, as well as vibrant buildings/structures and a prosperous economy. Sustainable communities are often ones that:

  • Focus on improving quality of life and community health.
  • Encourage resource conservation and pollution prevention.
  • Understand and protect both its natural and manmade assets/resources.
  • Recognise the effects natural resources can bring to built environments.

Developing these communities and promoting social cohesion with community engagement is one of our core aims.

We contribute to this agenda by:

  • supporting the building of new communities and buildings to promote community engagement
  • supporting projects that promote equality and integration within society;
  • supporting individuals/organisations to empower communities to make sustainable livings,
  • providing health, education, basic needs and other related provision to those without access to such.



Community buildings have been built with our funds including Cambridge Central Mosque, mosques in Bangladesh and Pakistan, community centres across the UK and a new model village in Karachi Pakistan.


has been donated this year alone to projects for housing, religious worship, educational facilities, children’s recreational facilities and community centres encompassing training, education and health services, both in the UK and abroad.


“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to COSARAF Foundation for the collaboration and support extended to our organisation. The funding provided has made a significant impact on the lives of the community members, addressing a crucial need”

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