Swiha Foundation

Who we are

The Swiha Charity Foundation is a civil society organization registered in Uganda. We are a volunteer based organization dedicated to humanitarian activities. We use community based approaches to create sustainable solutions focused at improving health, water and sanitation, education and livelihoods of local communities in Uganda to create a better, more equitable future.

Our project

Kasangati Water Project

This impactful project was launched in response to the pressing water scarcity issue faced by the Kasangati community in Uganda. In July 2022, a team from Swiha Charity Organization visited Kasangati orphanage and Islamic Primary School and discovered that access to clean and safe water was the community’s most urgent challenge. The lack of a nearby water source inconvenienced the vulnerable children as well as Muslims attending prayers at Masjid Jami’a Mosque, and also posed health risks due to poor hygiene and sanitation.

To address this critical issue, the COSARAF Charitable Foundation provided a generous grant of $2,700, which was implemented by the Swiha Charity Foundation. The project’s goal was to increase local communities’ access to safe and clean water, and it achieved this through the establishment of a hand pump water well at Masjid Jami’a Mosque.

Additionally, the project empowered the children and community members with knowledge about water, sanitation, and hygiene, leading to a reduction in the spread of diseases related to poor hygiene practices. As a result of this joint effort, the project successfully improved the lives of the Kasangati community, eased the burden of Muslims attending prayers at the mosque, and enhanced the overall well-being of the local population.


“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to COSARAF Foundation for the collaboration and support extended to our organisation. The funding provided has made a significant impact on the lives of the community members, addressing a crucial need”