Sheikh Family Scholarships

What they are

Our scholars

are a central part of our ‘supporting young people to reach their potential’ work stream, which seeks to identify exceptional young Muslim men and women excelling in their respective fields of study, and to support them in their chosen career paths.

Our programme awards full tuition fee scholarships with Zakat funds, and a wider package of support for each successful candidate.  All scholars are offered paid work experience in a charity, access to a mentor and leadership development training.


The Launch of the Sheikh Family Scholarships

Our project

Our scholarships

are currently for students studying at our partner educational establishments:

Students at Oxbridge can be studying any field of academia.  Students applying for the University of Warwick scholarship must be enrolling on an MA in the Warwick Islamic Education Programme.


“I would not have had the chance to attend university had it not been for the COSARAF Foundation.”