Salma Ouaguira Abir


“Growing up I always knew I wanted to become a journalist. But I didn’t know how. I knew it was a competitive field and harder for people who come from underrepresented backgrounds like me. I am the first one in my family to graduate from university and get a Masters degree. I didn’t have journalists to look up to who looked like me. I knew it was going to be a challenging career as I had no connections in the media sector. But I focused on developing my journalistic skills and left the rest to God.

The scholarship came at a perfect moment in my life. I had just finished my undergrad and my dream of becoming a journalist was uncertain. Thanks to the scholarship I was able to specialise in International Journalism and improve my journalistic skills at the hands of the best professionals. I was able to gain confidence

My time during the internship at The Sun has been extremely rewarding. I work closely with the editors as a copytaster. This entails reading first-hand all the stories that will go to the newspaper the next day. I get to understand in depth how everything works and benefit from the experience of my colleagues.

I am currently finishing my Masters degree in International Journalism at City, University of London. I had to interrupt my studies due to long-term illness. I am still working for The Sun at the news desk. The good news is that my contract has been renewed for another year and in the upcoming months I will be moved to the Online News desk to become a full-time news reporter. I am making the most of my current job position and working hard to finish my masters.

I feel prepared and confident to embark on my next journey as a news writer.

I want to thank Cosaraf & Randeree for their support. The scholarship has meant more than an opportunity for me. It is a cut across many constraints in a very competitive and underrepresented field. Thank you for giving me the chance to show what I am capable of. Muslim women like me just need someone who can open a door to show our full potential. I wish to become a role model to other Muslim women wanting to get into journalism and be the inspiration I didn’t have growing up.”