Ali Ahmed – Oxford Pakistan Programme Studentship


Prior to returning to the UK to pursue his studies at Oxford, Ali was in the Netherlands for his undergraduate study and exchanged in the US to pursue a multidisciplinary study in the social sciences. His research projects generally focus on the intersection of psychology and political science, with his undergraduate research examining the role of anger in Pakistan’s Aurat March.

Beyond his research, Ali has certifications and practical experience on the ground working with disadvantaged populations, from literacy projects with youth in the criminal justice system in New York to providing psychosocial support to the elderly and at-risk individuals in the Netherlands.

After teaching courses in the political sciences, economics, and sociology for a year as a junior lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, Ali resumed his studies and is now pursuing an MPhil in Development Studies at ODID. He is currently conducting fieldwork in Beirut, Lebanon, where he is exploring the conceptualisations of and responses to the mental health needs of Syrian refugees.