Muhammed Abdur Rahman


At present, I am coming to the end of my academic journey at university as I am working on my dissertation, the final milestone of my Masters in Islamic Education for the remaining few months. I am also serving as a Muslim Chaplain and Imam in the prison service providing pastoral and religious support to people of all faiths and none, with a specific focus towards supporting the religious needs of Muslims in prison, through activities such as Friday prayers and Islamic education, whilst assisting towards their resettlement and rehabilitation goals.

I am aiming to begin formal Islamic education classes at the prison to provide a contextual and relevant teaching and learning of Islam, drawing on the knowledge and skills I have so far gained from my master’s in the hopes that it will bring about a positive mature faith-based transformation. I am passionate about education and want to share the knowledge I have gained with others.

I am indebted to the COSARAF Foundation, as they have made my aspiration of higher education a reality for me as I would not have pursued my master’s till completion, because of financial worries had it not been for COSARAF’s generous scholarship, and words cannot express my immense gratitude towards them.”