About us

The Foundation was established in 2007 by Haroon and Farouq Sheikh, and the wider Sheikh family, to benefit communities and individuals in the UK and abroad.

The Foundation supports projects in the UK and overseas, with a particular focus on Africa (especially East Africa) and South East Asia.

The Foundation administers both Zakat and non-Zakat funds, in line with the trustees’ Grant-Making Policy and Zakat Distribution Policy.

Our story

Haroon and Farouq Sheikh,

the founders of the COSARAF Foundation, are two of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, philanthropists and community figureheads. Their business interests encompass healthcare, private equity, property investment and development.  Best known as co-founders of CareTech Holdings Limited, a respected national provider of specialist services to adults and children with learning, physical disabilities or mental health problems.

Haroon is the CEO and Farouq the Executive Chairman of CareTech Holdings Limited, overseeing an enviable growth of the company over a quarter of a century.   Their most recent business enterprise is as Directors of a burgeoning property and equity investment group, Sheikh Holdings Group (Investments) Limited, which incorporates successful property development and serviced office divisions.

Our history

Alongside a formidably strong work ethic, Haroon and Farouq have always placed great store in supporting those less fortunate in society.  This commitment led, in 2007, to the establishment of the COSARAF Charitable Foundation to benefit communities and individuals in the UK and abroad.  COSARAF stands for ‘Children of Sheikh Abdul Rashid and Fahmida’, in honour of the parents of the founders who gave the inspiration to establish this charitable foundation.

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Our history

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