Jamelia Hashi


“My name is Jamelia, and I am a history student at the University of Oxford. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to both grow as an individual and to contribute to my community through charity work.

The study of history is something that should not be taken for granted nor overlooked, I have always loved engaging in conversations about the past and how said conversations can provide a brighter outlook on the present. I have just finished modules on the History of Britain from 1900 to present exploring the transformations Britain has undergone culturally, socially, politically, and economically. I have also completed a module on African history since 1800 which gave me valuable insight into the long-term effects of colonialism and the slave trade as well as allowing me to observe new, interesting geopolitical interests in Africa.

I look forward to supporting such an amazing organisation, working to help bridge any barriers individuals face in their lives In shaa Allah.”