Mohammed Makda


“I would not have had the chance to attend university had it not been for the COSARAF Foundation. My education, from young till now, culminated in being admitted into the Master’s course in Islāmic Education at Warwick, from which I have benefitted greatly. Personally, I have two areas that I have studied: Islām and education, having completed seven years in a traditional, whilst simultaneously completing a Diploma in Education and Training. My Master’s is the natural merging of both fields, with a focus in Education from the Islāmic perspective.

With my university education, I aim to help Muslim educational settings raise the bar in the services they provide. I feel my background in traditional Islāmic sciences, aided massively by my academic credentials will allow me to help Muslim educators in the face of modern-day challenges. This would not have been possible without the charitable support and benefaction of the COSARAF foundation, for which I am eternally grateful, and in helping me achieve certain educational milestones, I hope the foundation will be raising the bar for young Muslims everywhere.”