University of Warwick

Who we are

The University of Warwick is world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards. Warwick is always looking for new ways to make things happen. Whether this is in support of a dedicated student, an innovative lecturer or an ambitious company, Warwick provides a tireless yet supportive environment in which people can make an impact. Warwick’s students, alumni and staff are consistently making an impact – the kind that changes lives, whether close to home or on a global scale.

Warwick’s levels of research excellence and scholarship are recognised internationally and serve as a prime attraction for some of the biggest names in worldwide business and industry. This is why Warwick is ranked highly in the lists of great UK and world universities. All of this contributes to a compelling story, one that’s little more than 50 years old. But who said youth should hold you back from changing the world?

Our project

Sheikh Family Scholarships

The Sheikh Family Scholarship supports underprivileged Muslim students through top universities. One Zakat funded award is made each year to a student enrolled on the Warwick Islamic Education Programme.

The Warwick Islamic Education Programme is based on a shared transformative educational vision between the University and British Muslim communities to disseminate the values of peaceful co-existence and community cohesion within the culturally and religiously diverse British society. The programme aims to empower community-based education practitioners and faith leaders through innovative teaching, research, and outreach/engagement activities. It widens access to higher education among the hard-to-reach and economically highly disadvantaged groups of British Muslim young people.

The programme has established two distinctive taught courses to respond to the educational development needs of British Muslim faith leaders and educators.  The PGA & MA Islamic Education courses at the Department of Education Studies constitute the first recognized academic provision in this community-embedded field of educational practice within the UK higher education system. The courses open professional development pathways for Muslim teachers, faith leaders, and a wider range of practitioners within mainstream education and the faith-based schooling sector. The courses were developed to attract graduates of British Muslim Seminaries most of whom end up working in various teaching positions and leadership roles within the community-based education institutions.

The central aim of the collaboration between the COSARAF Foundation and the university is to create opportunities for the neediest and most talented British Muslim students to engage with the Warwick Islamic Education programme thus, contributing to the leadership development within the British Muslim communities and helping them successfully integrate with the wider British society.