Read Foundation

Who we are

READ Foundation is a global charity working to provide high-quality and inclusive education in countries all over the world. The foundation operates with a mission of empowering individuals through education, focusing on marginalised communities, orphans, refugees and IDP’s, ensuring equal access and opportunity for all.

READ Foundation actively focuses on specific thematic areas aimed at providing essential education empowerment to marginalised communities. These areas encompass education for climate resilience, education in emergencies, gendered empowerment through education, school building and rehabilitation, as well as orphan and student sponsorship. With over 400 schools in operation, education lies at the core of their projects, which extend beyond formal schooling to include non-formal education initiatives, school feeding and WASH programmes, psychosocial support, vocational training, and poverty alleviation efforts.

READ Foundation provides the necessary tools to empower communities to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Our project

Kals Pajjay School

Announcing the COSARAF-funded READ Foundation school, located approximately 4 hours northeast of Islamabad, in the rural backdrop of Bagh District, AJK, Pakistan. This school represents a significant stride in addressing education disparities in the region. The average literacy rate in Bagh District is 56.89%, with a female literacy rate of only 40.97%, meaning Bagh District trails behind many parts of AJK in educational indicators.

With a capacity to educate 400 children annually, the school has a seismic-compliant three-story building spanning over 7,900 square feet. Featuring 13 specially designed classrooms, administrative offices, and essential amenities, it provides a conducive and inclusive learning environment for children from nursery to grades 1-8. The school operates on a sliding scale of means-tested tuition fees, accommodating orphaned and vulnerable children with partial or complete education scholarships.

This commitment to educational excellence extends beyond the classroom, with a focus on promoting sustainable practices such as rainwater harvesting and irrigation and solar-powered clean energy generation, addressing groundwater scarcity challenges while promoting ecological benefits.

This school will provide a quality education that fosters social, emotional and educational development in a child-friendly establishment. The impact of this rural school build includes providing a safe and supportive learning environment, relieving families of unattainable education expenses, and empowering children for a future of opportunities.