St Anne's College

Who we are

St Anne’s is one of Oxford’s largest colleges, with over 800 students. Our Fellows’ world-leading research ranges across the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and physical, life and medical sciences.

From its founding as the Society of Oxford Home-Students in 1879, St Anne’s College has always been about widening access to an Oxford education. It uniquely enabled women from the UK and many other countries to attend lectures and tutorials whilst living more flexibly and affordably than the other women’s halls, at home or in lodgings across the city. Since 1952 it has been a full College of the University of Oxford, welcoming both male and female students since 1979.

Our project

Sheikh Family Scholarships

The Sheikh Family Scholarship supports underprivileged Muslim students through top universities. One Zakat funded award is made each year to eligible students enrolled at St Anne’s.

Open to St Anne’s UK Muslim undergraduate students in their first and second years who face financial hardship and, ideally, are the first in their family to attend university. Priority will be given to those for whom the award will make most difference and who demonstrate a clear plan to give back to their communities and wider society.

In addition to the Sheikh Family Scholarship, the COSARAF Foundation works with St Anne’s to provide additional support to further eligible Muslim students through its existing Hardship Fund.

Principal of St Anne’s College, Helen King QPM, said: “From our founding as the Society of Oxford Home-Students, in 1879, St Anne’s has always actively widened access to an Oxford education. We pioneered helping women from around the world attend lectures and tutorials, which meant addressing crucial practical measures, such as providing affordable lodgings and halls.

“This heritage became enshrined in our firm purpose to create a diverse and inclusive community and we want to be the destination of choice for the brightest and best students, including those from under-represented groups. Being one of the founding colleges for such a dynamic package of practical benefits is another key tool in ensuring their continuing involvement here.”