Shamakha Foundation

Who we are

The Shamakha Foundation aims to prioritise the basic needs of the poorest and under-privileged citizens of the coastal province of Kenya.

They focus on two locations that are regularly hit by drought and have very low rainfall and thus subsistence through farming has been very hard on the locals.  These are located around 100 km to the East of Mombasa near Ndi village and 50 km North of Mombasa at Kiriwitu village.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to feed the poor and underprivileged people in parts of the coastal province of Kenya.
  • to sponsor the education of orphans
  • to support religious education
  • to support widows with no or low incomes

Our project

Sustainable Communities

The COSARAF Foundation has a historic partnership with the Shamakha Foundation and they receive an annual grant from us to provide the following support to those facing significant hardship:


  • Daily Hot Kitchen freshly cooked food programme. They serve the destitute with the most basic requirement of providing hot food and water, providing approx. 600 plates of food per day.
  • They provide monthly food packages for the poorest families in remote areas.


  • They support teachers’ salaries to support education provision to the poorest citizens, enabling them to support their families in the future.
  • They support student scholarship fees for orphans.


  • They provide a series of allowances for widows with no other means of income.


  • They support the healthcare fees for those unable to cover medical care and medicine costs.