Ghazipur Children's Centre

Who we are

The Ghazipur Childrens Centre is an after school Educational Centre with the mission to provide children from low-income communities with a better-quality education, enabling them to maximise their potential and transform their lives.  The project is located in GHAZIPUR dairy farm Delhi.

COSARAF Foundation has been supporting their vital work since 2018.

Our project

Resourcing the Centre

The support from the COSARAF Foundation funds ongoing running costs and has provided the equipment needed to set up SMART Classrooms, amongst many other building upgrades.

As a result of funding, Ghazipur Childrens Centre has made a move to e-learning (a necessity during the Pandemic). They have purchased smart phones and now deliver a blended model of learning, through online and face-to-face.  The online classes have allowed them to have experts from other countries deliver e-lessons virtually to the students.

The blended learning model has accelerated learning and engaged the student in extraordinary ways. This has empowered children attending Ghazipur Childrens Centre to pass exams, achieve higher grades. Leading to more confidence, self-esteem, a better self-image.


“Traumas, addiction, hardship need to be addressed and healed! But the sun must shine for the children and that’s why we are here…The whole idea is to give them tools, positive emotions, experiences, so they can create long term change in their lives and fulfil their potential. ”

Komal Rawla, Ghazipur Children’s Centre