Family Educational Services Foundation

Who we are

Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community, especially those who are disadvantaged. To that end, FESF is particularly invested in educational development and services for the Deaf community of Pakistan to help them gain competency and self-sufficiency. Taking a community-centered approach, FESF primarily focuses on educating the deaf using the Pakistan Sign Language (PSL), and advocating for their inclusion and empowerment in all spheres of life. Through its Deaf Reach Schools, Colleges and Training Centers (DRS) program and the Digital Learning Program (DLP), FESF aims to benefit the maximum number of deaf individuals in Pakistan. FESF’s efforts towards Deaf Education have gained widespread recognition, locally and internationally.

Our project

Deaf Reach School

Under the “Empowering Deaf Girls to Learn” project 50 deaf girls would be sponsored by COSARAF to receive a holistic education at two (2) DRS campuses in Pakistan. 25 of these girls would acquire their education at DRS Lahore whereas the remaining 25 will be enrolled at DRS Karachi. With females constituting close to 40% of the students at DRS, a project specific for girls will help FESF further improve female representation in the student population.

DRS is the flagship program of FESF and has seven (7) campuses in Pakistan. Combining academics and vocational training, DRS offers a comprehensive program for its students. Our female students will receive quality education in PSL language and while simultaneously work towards acquiring vocational skills such as weaving, embroidery and pottery. Students will also be able to benefit from the well-equipped computer labs and the culinary departments at DRS Karachi and DRS Lahore. In early 2024, students will receive training in important life skills including those pertaining to health, protection and safety. Throughout their studies at DRS, students are also served hot meals and transport service to ensure accessibility.

Moreover, the families of these students will regularly attend PSL classes to help them better communicate with the deaf. Separate sessions for awareness among the communities will also be scheduled. The program at DRS is closely monitored and feedback from our beneficiaries helps FESF consistently improve the delivery of its educational services.


“With the help of this generous grant, deaf students are able to continue getting quality education in their native language, which will ultimately help them become independent and inclusive members of the society.”