GEAR Trust

Who we are

GEAR (Generating Employment Alternative for self-Reliance) Trust is a nonprofit organisation founded in 2009 & established as a formal Trust in 2017. It revolves around the ideology to provide self-employment opportunities to skilled and unskilled individuals for their self-survival with honor and dignity. GEAR is determined to create innovative models of ‘Social Business’ for people who are at the lowest end of the economic pyramid.

GEAR’s Core & Secondary Projects:Self-employment with Interest-free Microfinance, Ulaema Self-employment Project, Education Program, Women Empowerment Program, Agri-based financing initiative, NaikikeTokri initiative &Clothing Bank.

Our project

Women’s Empowerment through Entrepreneurship with micro-finance

GEAR Trust has started different initiatives focusing on the empowerment of women belonging to underprivileged urban and rural areas. Women Self-Employment Project under GEAR Women Self-Employment Program, females from less-privileged socio-economic class are provided interest-free micro-finance for facilitating their  self-employment. The team also provides constant mentoring, follow-up and support during the whole micro-finance tenure. The funded amount is invested to build/expand sustainable business ventures.

GEARs dedicated field officers surveys and identifies these skilled women from less privileged areas within Karachi such as: Orangi Town, Malir, Korangi, New Karachi etc.  The COSARAF funded project will focus on supporting women in Mehran Town, Karachi as a target.