Carers Worldwide

Who we are

There is no support for unpaid family carers in low- and middle-income countries. Carers Worldwide is working to change that. Founded in 2012, UK based charity, Carers Worldwide, supports unpaid family carers who are often stigmatised, isolated and overlooked. Currently working in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, they are changing attitudes and promoting recognition and support for unpaid carers, empowering them towards better health, wellbeing and economic security.

Our project

Ramadan Fund – Emergency food, medical and therapeutic support for unpaid carers in Savar sub-district, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

For the second year, COSARAF has funded our work with Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), supporting 431 unpaid carers and 108 children with disabilities during the holy month of Ramadan and in the period immediately afterwards.

Children from six of our Community Caring Centres received daily nutritious food and one Iftar party was held in each centre, to which the mothers were also invited. As well as providing a much-needed nutritional boost to the children, the parties also provided a social opportunity for the children and their mothers, which is a rare occurrence in most of their lives.

239 carers over the age of 50 benefited from specialised health check-ups, diagnosis and treatment via five health camps. 50 barefoot counsellors (a combination of staff members and carer representatives) attended a group workshop with a psychologist aimed at providing them with support in their roles as counsellors. This intervention will ensure that the barefoot counsellors remain mentally healthy themselves, thus ensuring the ongoing success of the wider counselling provision in the project area. And finally, four children with cerebral palsy were assessed and fitted with ankle foot orthoses to provide them with the necessary support to be able to stand independently. As well as having a life-changing impact on the children, the fact that their children are now able to stand and do not need to be lifted and held anymore has a significant impact on their mothers.

Festive campaign – establishing a new Community Caring Centre in Savar sub-district, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

This grant enabled us to match fund donations made by individual supporters to our festive campaign which ran throughout December 2022. These combined with grants from two other Foundations enabled us to raise the amount required to set up and run a new Community Caring Centre for 12 months. This centre provides educational, therapeutic and social support to 15 disabled children and emotional support and respite opportunities for their mothers. In addition, other carers living in the area are accessing the centre for group activities and ad hoc events.

Each child has been assessed and is following a bespoke education and therapy support plan. The children receive nutritious food at lunchtime with the result that they are gaining weight and those suffering malnutrition are becoming healthier and more active. The needs of the mothers are also assessed and recorded, and they have been able to identify their own personal goals in the areas of emotional support, health and opportunities for social activities and potentially income generation while their child is engaged at the centre.