Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Who we are

Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF) is an independent charity that encourages local giving to make Hertfordshire a better place to live, for everyone.

Thanks to the support of donors HCF provide grants to families in crisis, grassroots charities and voluntary groups helping some of the county’s most vulnerable residents.

Over the past three decades HCF has funded thousands of local initiatives addressing complex social issues including domestic abuse, learning disabilities, bereavement, homelessness, mental health and many more.

Since inception in 1988, HCF has awarded over £25 million in grant aid support to local communities. HCF currently manages over 100 charitable funds on behalf of individuals, families, companies and other organisations.

Our project

Hertfordshire Children’s Fund

HCF manages the Hertfordshire Children’s Fund, a charitable fund that provides small grants of up to £500 to purchase essential household items such as washing machines, cookers and beds, which are vital to keep children healthy, safe and clean.

Applications come through professionals who know of the children and are capable of assessing their needs.

The Fund relies heavily on contributions from individuals, groups and businesses in order to continue to support those in need. Demand for support has surged in recent times with many families facing financial hardship due to the cost-of-living crisis.

The COSARAF Foundation has donated £5,000 to the fund in 2023 to support families in need across Hertfordshire.