Throughout 2023/2024 the Foundation is funding a wide range of work. The majority of our funding is distributed through grants and we also make a number of one off donations.

Across our priority areas spend was as follows:


Building sustainable communities


Enabling young people to reach their potential


Empowering women and girls


Building sustainable communities

  • Supporting projects that promote equality and integration within society.
  • Supporting individuals/organisations that encourage religious tolerance and freedom to practice religious beliefs.

Enabling young people to realise their potential

  • Supporting those that cannot afford an education and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Supporting young people to develop their skills and take advantage of opportunities that would not be available to them otherwise due to their backgrounds
  • Supporting orphans and those growing up without parental support.

Empowering women and girls

  • Supporting women and girls through skills development
  • Supporting women and girls facing abuse, discrimination and disadvantage
  • Supporting widows and the bereaved in hardship

Hardship Grants

The Foundation provides Hardship Grants to individuals in need.  Some of the Foundation’s Hardship Grant fund is restricted to Muslims as it relates to Zakat donations (see Guidance for more information).

Grants of up to £2000 are available for eligible individuals.


Ramadan Projects

In line with the Islamic values of the Foundation’s trustees, a separate funding pot has been established for distribution to projects during the holy month of Ramadan.

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