Neha is a thirteen-year-old student at Deaf Reach School (DRS), Rashidabad. She is the eldest of three sisters, and while the rest of her family is hearing, Neha and her father are the only deaf members. Neha and her family have witnessed a lot of challenging moments, including the passing away of one of her sisters.

Neha has always felt that life is challenging and lonely. With people often taking advantage of deaf children and bullying her simply because she is Deaf, Neha always took comfort in her sister, who was her best friend. With her passing away, Neha started to feel even more discouraged and lonely until she discovered DRS.

Coming from a place where no one understood her or wanted to spend time with her to a school full of people who spoke her language led to Neha finally feeling safe and growing a sense of belonging that she found missing throughout her life.

At DRS, she can communicate freely and has made many new friends whom she can rely on. Moreover, Neha gets to experience and explore different activities at the school, which helps her develop new interests. Neha loves to paint, and through DRS, she has taken art classes that have allowed her to spend more time painting.

Neha is the first person in her family who has had the chance to pursue higher education past the primary grade level, and she takes a lot of pride in that. Neha is looking forward to high school and pursuing the Bachelor of Arts program at Deaf Reach. In the future, Neha wants to be a teacher and impact the lives of Deaf children just like her teachers did for her.

Neha wishes to inspire other Deaf children and contribute to her family, and she knows that the way to do that Is to study hard and do her best in school.