Ashleigh, 27, has triumphed over numerous mental health challenges and is dedicated to aiding others facing similar struggles. With the support of The Prince’s Trust, she launched a business providing mental health training to frontline workers.

Diagnosed with PTSD, Ashleigh experienced anxiety, depression, facial tics, and a stammer, forcing her to leave her job in community care. Assigned as a community psychiatric nurse, she attended regular meetings and support groups, which inspired her to pursue a career in helping others with trauma and mental health issues.

Spotting an advert for The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme, Ashleigh reached out to start her business journey. With guidance from her caseworker, she developed a business plan focused on delivering mental health first aid training to public and private sector responders. Her own experiences revealed the lack of proper training among those who supported her, fuelling her mission to improve trauma response.

Ashleigh’s growth during her time with The Trust was evident. Initially too anxious to fully participate, she gradually became an active and engaged member of the programme. This transformation mirrored her personal journey of overcoming mental health barriers.

Today, Ashleigh speaks about her business with enthusiasm and without the stammer or facial tics that once plagued her. She has built a solid business plan and established promising connections, including with Police Scotland, who are open to discussing her training services.

Ashleigh’s story is one of resilience and determination. She has not only rebuilt her confidence but is now ready to help others through her business, driven by her personal experiences. Reflecting on her journey, Ashleigh credits The Prince’s Trust for transforming her life from despair to one filled with hope and potential. She emphasised that seeking help is a sign of strength, not surrender.

Ashleigh's Story