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Growing up in a household of eight children but being one of the two deaf siblings, Farah faced severe communication barriers. She felt isolated and like an outsider. Despite her family’s best efforts,
communication was a barrier because Farah was one of the only two deaf siblings and the family did not know her language.

In 2006, Farah’s parents enrolled her at DRS campus in Karachi. At that time, she was 6. Farah’s life changed when she discovered DRS, an organization that provided her with academic and vocational education using Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) as the mode of instruction. For the first time, Farah felt accepted. She understood her teachers, and her teachers understood her!

Despite facing challenges, Farah never gave up. She spent long hours practicing and developing her language and academic skills. As a result, she thrived in her new environment, excelling both academically and socially. Today she is 22 and a teacher trainee at DRS Karachi. Using her education and experience to inspire and instruct young Deaf students just like her, she is also on her way to becoming financially independent. Responsible for teaching English and Maths, she works tirelessly to ensure that her students have the same opportunities and support that she received as a student at DRS.