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I am thankful that I get to study at the African Science Academy (ASA). Before coming here, things had become difficult for my parents after I graduated from secondary school. They couldn’t afford to send me and my twin brother to school so I was asked to stay at home so that my twin brother could attend university. I was discouraged and had given up on education. I was afraid I would end up like my older sister, who had no one to support her after secondary school and had to be betrothed to someone to care for her. I was overjoyed when I found out that I’d been given the opportunity to attend ASA because it restored my hope for education and brought joy to my family.

Studying at ASA is a great honour. It is not easy but the teachers are very supportive and they answer any question I ask even if it seems ‘silly’. We also have a Raising Attainment Group (RAG) here at ASA, which I attend whenever I don’t understand something in class. I also appreciate the fact that we are given laptops. This is my first time using a laptop but thanks to the ASA staff they’ve taught me how to work with it and I am very grateful for that. The laptop has really helped me with my academics. I use it to watch videos when I don’t get something in class and the Integral Math website suggested by our teachers has been helpful to me.