Anum Ali Nawaz, a 19-year-old resident of Mehran Town, exemplifies the transformative power of vocational training.

Facing significant family challenges, including four sisters, three brothers, and an unemployed father, Anum sought out the help of Fahmida Begum Foundation (FBF) to improve her family’s situation through skill development. In October 2023, Anum enrolled on FBF’s first sewing and stitching course, which ran until January 2024. This program was designed to equip participants with valuable sewing and tailoring skills.

Through the course, Anum learned various techniques that not only enhanced her sewing capabilities but also empowered her to contribute to her household’s financial well-being. Anum’s talents extended beyond sewing. She possessed the skill of crocheting, which enabled her to create beautiful and functional items like table covers, bedsheets, and hotpot covers. Her ability to diversify her product offerings demonstrated her creativity and adaptability, making her more marketable and capable of generating additional income for her family.

The skills Anum acquired through the FBF program had a profound impact on her life. By taking orders from her community, she was able to turn her new skills into a steady source of income, significantly improving her family’s financial situation. This newfound ability to support her household boosted her confidence and self-esteem, highlighting the personal growth that accompanied her professional development.

Anum’s experience with FBF ignited a passion for sharing her knowledge. Motivated by her own transformation, she now aspires to become a sewing and crocheting instructor at the Fahmida Begum School. This desire to empower others underscores the positive ripple effect of vocational training programs. Anum’s journey from student to aspiring teacher embodies the program’s success in fostering not just technical skills but also a spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility. This is her journey as a testament to the impact of FBF’s women empowerment initiative. Her story showcases how vocational training can lead to personal and professional growth, financial independence, and a commitment to community upliftment.