The Akubue’s

Barth and Chetachi are of Nigerian ethnicity who came from Italy to live in the UK for a better life. They have two children, Randy 14 and Precious 12. The Akubue’s originally moved to Italy from Nigeria and lived and worked for over 18 years to gain their Italian Nationality.

After arriving in the UK, they were helpless as none of the family members were able to speak good English, hence they faced severe communication difficulties. They came to the NHMEF in April 2023 as they were recommended to them by friends that had used our service in the past. They were asking for help with their children’s school admissions, access to benefits they are entitled to and help with training and jobs. Due to their persona and family circumstances the NHMEF provided intensive advocacy support to this family.

They found a local school for the daughter and another school for the son in Letchworth. Barth could communicate in English which helped him to find a cleaning job in a local office.  Chetachi’s English was very poor. She was immediately enrolled in their English class. She later joined the IT classes, Food Safety in Catering courses, First Aid Training courses etc. While these courses were helping her to gain new skills, the English class was helping her to learn English and gaining her confidence back.  In September 2023, Chetachi found a full-time job with a caring company as a carer to look-after the elderly people. The family’s economic situation improved.

Both of their children were struggling in school so they were enrolled them on the NHMEF’s Homework Club for Maths & English to receive more intensive support from tutors. The Homework club significantly improved their confidence and at the parents evening just before Christmas 2023, they reported good improvement in both subjects. They have settled very well in their school and are enjoying the new life in the UK. They are regularly participating in various extra-curriculum programmes that the NHMEF offer to children and young people