FBF Food Parcels for Ramadan 2024

Ramadan Food Parcels Distribution Drive 2024

Various factors contribute to the necessity of Ramadan food parcels in Pakistan. As a large number of families are in financial difficulties, these food parcels offer vital supplies to individuals who may find it difficult to buy nutritious food during the fasting month.

Year after year, Fahmida Begum Foundation continues to move forward, working to improve the needs and conditions of the vulnerable communities they serve in Mehran Town, Pakistan.  To ensure that everyone is ready to observe the daily fast, they have distributed food parcels to poor families enrolled in their Rashan Distribution Program, funded by the COSARAF Foundation.

This Ramadan, they have distributed 1077 food parcels to poor families. These parcels include various items so that the most disadvantaged can share in the joy of Ramadan.  These packages contain enough Ramadan basic food items such as rice, flour, beans, sugar, tea, oils, milk, and other things to last the whole family for a month.

Another much needed project delivered expertly by Fahmida Begum Foundation.