Transforming Lives in East Africa: EACDT's Impact Through Character Development and Cricket

The news

Nairobi, Kenya – June 2024: The East Africa Character Development Trust (EACDT) has made significant strides in transforming the lives of young boys and girls in disadvantaged communities through character development and cricket, according to their latest impact assessment report.

Key Highlights:
1. Enhanced Learning Facilities: The program saw substantial support towards the improvement of learning facilities in partner schools. Notably, the Kabiro School library was renovated and restocked with essential books for students from pre-primary to junior secondary school. The library, now a vital resource for the community, was also equipped with a large smart television and internet access, thanks to generous donations.

2. Financial Support and Donations: EACDT unlocked an additional £22,175 from various donors, including significant contributions from Mario Tours, Cavina School, and an anonymous donor committed to annual funding for three years. These funds have been pivotal in expanding and sustaining the programme.

3. New Strategic Initiatives: A new Structured Support Programme (SSP) was launched, targeting young individuals aged 14-22. This programme focuses on “Leading Lights,” comprising top performers and highly engaged youths, to provide structured mentoring and development opportunities.

4. Impact on Beneficiaries: The programme has reached over 4,500 direct beneficiaries and indirectly impacted more than 4,000 individuals through wider community engagement. Notably, there has been a substantive improvement in the lives of 502 participants, with 18 experiencing transformative and sustained changes.

5. Case Studies of Success:
– Zaria Suleiman: Once a shy and introverted girl, Zaria’s involvement in the program boosted her confidence and academic performance. She developed a passion for cricket and now aspires to score for the International Cricket Council (ICC).
– George Kuria: Raised in challenging circumstances, George found resilience and support through EACDT. Despite a severe motorbike accident, he has made a remarkable recovery and continues to play cricket while volunteering as a coach.

EACDT’s partnership with the COSARAF Foundation has been instrumental in these achievements. The Foundation’s support has not only enhanced educational facilities but also fostered a culture of character development and community resilience. The programme’s success stories, like those of Zaria and George, underscore the transformative power of combining sports with life skills education.