Raising aspirations at Ghazipur

The news

Ghazipur Children’s Centre, supported by the COSARAF Foundation, continues to make a profound impact on the lives of young people in disadvantaged Ghazipur, India. The 2023-2024 annual report highlights significant achievements in educational enhancements, skill development, and personal growth among participants.

Major Infrastructure Improvements – The Children’s Centre has transformed its educational environment by upgrading the terrace used for classes. The newly tiled terrace with a storm and rainproof canopy ensures that learning continues uninterrupted regardless of weather conditions.

Increased Financial Support – Two existing funding organisations have significantly increased their annual contributions from £3,000 to £10,000 each, secured for a minimum of five years. This increase in funding has allowed the Children’s Centre to expand its reach and improve program delivery.

Expanded Educational and Skill Development Programs –  Eleven students were enrolled in skill courses such as beauty, IT, paramedics, and teaching after completing their school education. These courses equip students with practical skills, opening up better employment opportunities.

AI-Driven Progress Tracking –  The introduction of “Mind Spark,” an AI program designed to track students’ progress, has been 75% successful in its initial phase. This innovative tool helps tailor educational experiences to individual student needs.

Positive Outcomes and Impact

The program directly reached 200 individuals and an additional 70 individuals benefited indirectly through community engagement activities.  The number of facilitators, including doctors, teachers, and coaches, increased to 22, ensuring comprehensive support for the participants.

There was an 80% improvement in participants’ confidence, attitudes, employability, and character traits and 90% of beneficiaries experienced transformative changes in their lives, leading to long-term positive outcomes.

Ghazipur Children’s Centre has facilitated excursions to bird sanctuaries, drama classes, and regular computer classes. These activities not only build joy and confidence but also widen students’ horizons and enhance their digital skills.

As students grow in confidence and skills, their families benefit from increased income and resources, creating a ripple effect of positive change within the community.

The COSARAF Foundation’s support has been instrumental in enabling Ghazipur Children’s Centre to deliver comprehensive education and skill development programs. This partnership has allowed them to create an environment where young people can thrive, building a brighter future for themselves and their communities.