FBF Transforms Lives in Mehran Town

The news

The Fahmida Begum Foundation (FBF), with substantial support from the COSARAF Foundation, has achieved remarkable milestones in Mehran Town, fostering lasting social change through trust, continuous engagement, and skill development.

Holistic Community Engagement

Community Integration: FBF’s efforts extend beyond immediate beneficiaries, engaging the local community through regular meetings, feedback sessions, and collaborative events. These initiatives build trust and foster a sense of ownership among residents, empowering them to actively participate in their development.

Educational Inclusion: FBF’s newly launched Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) services offer tailored support for children with special needs. This program ensures inclusive learning environments, providing specialised training for educators and comprehensive support for every child.

Skill Development and Employment

Vocational Training: In-house sewing and tailoring classes equip community members, especially women and youth, with valuable skills. These programs offer pathways to income generation and improved quality of life. Partnerships with leading denim exporters provide hands-on textile training, enhancing job readiness and employment opportunities.

Job Placement Services: FBF’s job placement services connect trained individuals with potential employers, facilitating smoother workforce transitions and sustainable livelihoods.

Significant Achievements

Infrastructure Expansion: FBF has acquired six plots in Mehran Town to construct its flagship center, set for completion by August 2025. This expansion will amplify FBF’s reach, allowing more community members to benefit from its services.

Regulatory Endorsements: The foundation received a Memorandum of Understanding from the Economic Affairs Division of Pakistan and a certificate of registration from the Sindh Charity Commission, enhancing its credibility and regulatory compliance.

Shariah Compliance: Enlisting a Shariah Advisor, FBF ensures its activities align with Islamic principles, enhancing transparency and stakeholder trust.

Impact by Numbers

  • Meals Provided: 77,207 meals distributed
  • Feeding Program Support: 8,153 people
  • Children Educated: 1,070 students
  • Medical Assistance: 12,449 appointments
  • Vocational Training & Women Empowerment: 247 participants
  • Immediate Relief: 15,334 individuals supported through feeding and medical programs


Personal Stories of Transformation

Anum’s Journey: Anum Ali Nawaz, a 19-year-old from Mehran Town, transformed her family’s situation through FBF’s sewing and stitching course. Her skills in sewing and crocheting turned into a steady income source, boosting her confidence and financial independence. Anum now aspires to become an instructor, embodying the program’s success in fostering entrepreneurship and community upliftment.

Owais’ Progress: Owais, a 15-year-old with Down syndrome, benefited from FBF’s SEND program. Personalised support has improved his social skills and participation in school activities, highlighting the positive impact of inclusive education.

Looking Ahead

FBF’s upcoming flagship center will expand its reach and impact. As FBF continues to navigate challenges, the support from the COSARAF Foundation remains pivotal in shaping strategies, scaling initiatives, and enhancing program delivery.