COSARAF Impact Revealed for 22/23

The news

We’re delighted to share our Annual Report and Impact Report for 2022/23.  This year sees a streamlining of our reporting; now both our financial reporting coincides with our impact reporting, making for one cohesive report.

Trustees are pleased to report in 2022/23:

  • Charitable donations have exceeded £2 million
  • We have worked with 33 organisations
  • We have supported over 101,000 individuals
  • We have supported over 460 families in hardship
  • We have funded over 5 million meals

Our aims and objectives are being met by our delivery partners on the ground, working tirelessly in the UK, Pakistan, Kenya and Zimbabwe.  We have also continued smaller projects in India, Bangladesh, Ghana and Uganda with selected partners.

We are pleased to see transformative change, particularly through our enterprise partners, including The Prince’s Trust International and Seed Ventures delivering the Imarah Women’s Empowerment Programme.  This is the change we strive for in our Theory of Change.

We’re also keen to share the development of the Sheikh Family Scholars Programme, and the successes of our scholars can be found in the report.

Please view our current report by clicking the link below.