Enabling more young people with READ Foundation

The news

Trustees are delighted to be enabling more young people to achieve in Pakistan through a new partnership with READ Foundation.

READ Foundation is a global charity working to provide high-quality and inclusive education in countries all over the world. The foundation operates with a mission of empowering individuals through education, focusing on marginalised communities, orphans, refugees and IDP’s, ensuring equal access and opportunity for all.

We’re proud to announce the COSARAF-funded READ Foundation school, located approximately 4 hours northeast of Islamabad, in the rural backdrop of Bagh District, AJK, Pakistan. This school represents a significant stride in addressing education disparities in the region.

With a capacity to educate 400 children annually, the school has a seismic-compliant three-story building spanning over 7,900 square feet. Featuring 13 specially designed classrooms, administrative offices, and essential amenities, it provides a conducive and inclusive learning environment for children from nursery to grades 1-8. The school operates on a sliding scale of means-tested tuition fees, accommodating orphaned and vulnerable children with partial or complete education scholarships.

This commitment to educational excellence extends beyond the classroom, with a focus on promoting sustainable practices such as rainwater harvesting and irrigation and solar-powered clean energy generation, addressing groundwater scarcity challenges while promoting ecological benefits.

This school will provide a quality education that fosters social, emotional and educational development in a child-friendly establishment. The impact of this rural school build includes providing a safe and supportive learning environment, relieving families of unattainable education expenses, and empowering children for a future of opportunities.

The COSARAF Foundation has funded the build of the new school with a £208k donation and look forward to seeing it launch in the next few weeks.