Kyle's story

Kyle Frank, from London, enrolled onto the Enterprise programme with The Prince’s Trust when he had a business dream, but no idea how to turn it into a reality. Having suffered with acne from the age of 18, Kyle knew he wanted to start a skincare brand to help others. As he entered his adolescence, he felt very alone as all of his friends had grown out of it. He consulted doctors, however none of the treatments that they provided worked, often doing more damage than good. For Kyle, this massively knocked his confidence, particularly as he was signed with a talent agency so was often in front of the camera.

Kyle felt that no one understood acne, often being asked if he was washing his face enough, so he took it upon himself to start researching the condition and began writing down his own skincare products to treat it. After creating protypes and despite being nervous, Kyle approached the Prince’s Trust to start his skincare business.

The Prince’s Trust staff were great, and I didn’t realise initially how much they could help with business. They made things feel so clear and I thought ‘wow, this is actually doable’.”

Kyle benefitted from working with his assigned mentor who advised on how to run and structure a successful business. He is now in his third year of trading with lots of returning customers at Frank’s Remedies and has recently been featured on BBC One and Elle magazine.

“I’m now truly living the life I want to live. I didn’t know that running my own business was an option for me, and I felt so much anxiety about what I wanted to do in the future, but I am now working full-time on my passion every day.”
Kyle Frank
Young Person

Kayleigh's story

Read the inspiring story of how the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme supported Kayleigh Taylor to achieve her dream…

Kayleigh, 27, from Wallsend, left home during her final year of school and moved around a lot, living at friends’ homes and in supported housing. After leaving school, Kayleigh was diagnosed with ADHD and found it difficult to stay in one job for long. That is when she decided to start up her own business.

Upon discovering her talent of cooking, Kayleigh used this skill like therapy for herself after a long day at work. In 2020, Kayleigh set up Klee’s Kitchen, a healthy meal prep delivery service which takes away the hassle of cooking, food shopping and washing up for people with busy lives. She got to a point where she wanted to leave her job and concentrate on the business full-time, so she turned to The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme for support.

“Because of my ADHD, I’m not always good at planning ahead, so I needed the course to give me some structure. My Prince’s Trust business mentor, Brian, helped me with tax, registering my business, and accounting. It was massive to me to have people believe in me.”

Now, Kayleigh has moved Klee’s Kitchen into a permanent premise in Gateshead and employs four delivery drivers, two full-time apprentices and one full-time member of staff. Klee’s kitchen has launched a Sunday Lunch service, and Kayleigh is also currently looking at opening a takeaway that serves Afro-Caribbean soul food.

In addition to now volunteering as a guest speaker on the Enterprise course, Kayleigh recently won the Prince’s Trust NatWest Enterprise Award for England 2022.