While rates have fallen since last year, youth unemployment in the UK remains high. There are currently 488,000 unemployed 16 – 24 year olds across the country; an unemployment rate of 11.3% amongst the age group, which we believe to be 3.8 times higher than that for adults (25-64). Many of these individuals will have never worked and as such, are unlikely to have developed the skills or experience required to find employment.

In addition to the core programme, Enterprise also enables young people to meet others considering self-employment, as well as develop their skills and gain a qualification, all while learning from the expertise of those running and volunteering on the programme.

The project signposts future opportunities to receive additional support and mentoring, meaning contact doesn’t end the moment the course does. For those who decide going into self-employment is not quite right for them, they also receive further guidance on what could be next for them.

Our grant will enable 70 young people to participate in the Enterprise programme.

The Prince’s Trust aims for 75% of young people involved with Enterprise to go on to achieve positive outcomes. This includes becoming self-employed, gaining employment, returning to education, training or volunteering. To date over 80,000 young businesses have been set up with the support of The Trust.