New Community Caring Centre Opens in Dhaka

Great news from Carers Worldwide, our match-funding donation to their 2022 Festive Appeal, has helped open their new Community Caring Centre in Bangladesh!  15 disabled children and their carers are enrolled and other unpaid family carers in the area are also using the centre for group activities and events.

Some of the highlights from the centre…

???? The centre provides a welcoming, child-friendly environment
???? Therapy equipment and educational resources are provided
???? Each child has been assessed and is following a bespoke education and therapy support plan
???? The needs of the carers have been assessed and they have been able to identify their own personal goals in the areas of emotional support, health and opportunities for social activities and income generation while their child is engaged at the centre
???? The children are receiving nutritious food at lunchtime with the result that they are already gaining weight and those suffering malnutrition are becoming more healthy and active
???? Special education teachers and therapists from our local charity partner, Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), are running the centre and carer representatives, who are currently being trained, will provide support on a voluntary basis

Our donation, alongside contributions from the Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust, the Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust and individual supporters of Carers Worldwide, mean that these carers now finally have access to respite from their caring responsibilities, a place to socialise with other carers or to get involved with one of the projects’ income generating activities. The Community Caring Centre also provides a safe space for their children to access education, therapy and nutritious meals.