£5,000 to support Sudan

The news

The COSARAF Foundation has pledged emergency funding to partner, Plan International UK, to support in their humanitarian efforts for those impacted by the conflict in Sudan.

The violence across Sudan has directly impacted thousands of children and their families since the conflict began. Essential infrastructure is either damaged or not in operation. This includes telecommunication, banking, water and healthcare.

Some families are sheltering in their homes. Many, especially those who lived in Khartoum or other epicentres of violences, have opted to flee to more stable parts of Sudan, or on to other countries.  This means embarking on long and dangerous trips, with minimal belongings, and the difficult decision to leave home, friends and relatives behind. The latest reports show that over 1.4 million people are displaced within Sudan because of the conflict, and a further 476,811 have arrived in neighbouring countries.

Being in the arena of violence and having to leave their homes will have a tremendous effect on the wellbeing of children. Many schools are closed, leaving millions of children out of the classroom.  Children that are not in school are at heightened risk of recruitment into armed groups. At borders, children that are arriving unaccompanied, having been separated from their families.

Since the crisis began, Plan International’s teams in Sudan and surrounding countries have been carrying out rapid needs assessments to establish the needs of the affected people. They have been working closely with international agencies, local governments and local organisations, to establish how Plan International can make the most difference in this response. In a conflict context such as this, their expertise in child protection, education and supporting women and girls will be vital now and in the coming months.

The COSARAF Foundation trustees felt the immediate need to support and have donated £5,000 for this vital work with women and children in Sudan.