COSARAF Foundation Ramadan Projects

What a journey this Ramadan has been! As a Foundation, we’ve continued to help thousands across the world; feeding the fasting and transforming lives for the better.

The Foundation has provided funding for a number of projects as well as continuing to give individual hardship grants to those who are most in need.

Here is a look at some of the major projects we have supported this Ramadan, internationally and in the UK:

Feeding Programmes
This year, we have been pleased to support feeding programmes in Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and India.

Pakistan: Fahmida Begum Foundation
The Fahmida Begum Foundation distributed Ramadan food parcels to 700 families in Karachi, Pakistan. The COSARAF Foundation was pleased to increase our donation this year from 500 parcels last Ramadan to 700 parcels this Ramadan in recognition of pressing local need. Rukhsana Sheikh, COSARAF Foundation trustee, was present during the distribution at the Fahmida Begum Foundation school. In addition, tahnks to COSARAF Foundation funding, the Fahmida Begum Foundation hosted iftar events for the local community in Mehran Town.

Kenya: Shamakha
The COSARAF Foundation again funded the distribution of Ramadan food parcels and daily Iftars in Mombasa in the coastal province of Kenya. 800 food parcels were handed out during Ramadan.

Hatcliffe Extension Charitable Trust
Zimbabwe: COSARAF was pleased to extend its Ramadan this year to support families living in the Hatcliffe Extension in Harare, Zimbabwe. Given the harsh economic environment currently in Zimbabwe, this was particularly important to trustees. 280 food parcels were distributed to needy families.

Bangladesh: Being Humanitarian
Being Humanitarian gave Ramadan food parcels to more than 700 families in Bangladesh. They carried out the procurement, delivery and distribution of food items in two phases, two weeks before the start of Ramadan. Yusuf Sheikh, Associate Director of the COSARAF Foundation, volunteered to support the distribution.

India: Orphans in Need
Supported by COSARAF Foundation and other donors, Orphans in Need distributed 10,000 food parcels in Kashmir. Orphans in Need successfully obtained special permissions to deliver Ramadan food parcels for Iftar and Suhoor to the most vulnerable, poor and needy widows and orphaned children who live along the line of control on the India and Pakistan border.

India: Join Hands Trust
The Join Hands Trust support the poorest people prepare an Iftar and Suhoor meal for each day of Ramadan. They distributed 160 Ramadan food packs to rural Muslim families from the Thiruppalai and Panaikulam villages in Tamilnadu.

UK Ramadan Projects

In addition to the above international feeding projects, the Foundation supported a number of other important causes this Ramadan:

UK: Hertfordshire Community Foundation
The Foundation was pleased to support an important local initiative through the Hertfordshire Community Foundation. The Hertfordshire Community Foundation’s Children’s Fund provides grants of up to £300 for families in crisis. The COSARAF Foundation’s Ramadan donation has enabled this fund to remain open providing vital funding for local communities in Hertfordshire.

Dates distribution
The distribution of Palestinian dates is a key part of Ramadan giving for the COSARAF Foundation. This year, the Foundation distributed dates to local mosques and community centres as well as to our partners. We were particularly pleased to send dates to Syrian families who have been resettled in our community in Hertfordshire.

Cambridge ISOC Eid Party
The Foundation has supported the annual Eid Garden Party taking place at Downing College on 11th June. This connects to the Foundation’s wider commitment to supporting Muslim students at UK universities through our University Scholarship programme.

Read Foundation
COSARAF Foundation made a donation to the UK Ramadan Appeal by Read Foundation towards the construction of a school in Bagh, Pakistan.

Other News

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Donation to support vital Hertfordshire helpline

The COSARAF Foundation has awarded £3,500 to pay towards the full call handling service to support the ongoing services of the Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline.

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Supporting STEM careers for gifted girls

We have been supporting the African Gifted Foundation for a number of years now, annually sponsoring a female student , to complete their accelerated studies in further education to access university for careers in STEM.

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New micro-finance project in Pakistan

The COSARAF Foundation are excited to be partnering with the GEAR Trust to deliver a new project in micro-finance supporting the poor and needy into self-employment in Pakistan.

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