This important work is only possible with funding from organisations such as the COSARAF Foundation, which has enabled us to meet the growing demand from young people to learn and upskill so that they can become the leaders of today and tomorrow
Imran Sanaullah
CEO, Patchwork Foundation

Supporting 50 young people

Our grant has enabled the charity to provide support to 50 young people this year through Patchwork’s ground-breaking programmes to promote the democratic engagement of those too often under-represented in our country’s decision-making structures. 

Patchwork breaks down misconceptions on the constituent’s door step, it strives to bring young people into a world without glass ceilings or locked doors.
Patchwork beneficiary

The Patchwork Foundation is not affiliated with any political party and does not promote a particular political view. It does, however, work on the promotion of mainstream political and social participation and works with the main political parties and democratic institutions to support this agenda.