The COSARAF Foundation has made a multi-year grant to Birmingham Community Spirit (All Sports Women) to fund weekly inter-faith football sessions for women in North London. This is a positive programme for the Foundation as it meets all of our strategy objectives around community cohesion, supporting women and girls, and enabling young people to reach their potential.

All Sports Women sees women from different faith groups getting along and having fun through football every week. The grant has supports 40 regular players and 3 coaches who work together and sustain an engagement in physical activity. The football sessions have provided women with opportunities to take part in football in an inclusive, welcoming and non-threatening environment. This has developed their confidence and ability to work as a team to achieve a common aim.

“As a result of the funding from the COSARAF Foundation we have been able to turn our focus to growing our football sessions for women, through organising competitive matches and tournaments because it has taken the pressure off repeatedly applying for funding. We are a small volunteer led charity and all our volunteers and Board have demanding day jobs so this support is greatly appreciated.”
Dr Aisha Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer
All Sports Women

Being part of the sessions has enabled women to also experience competitive matches, leagues and tournaments. In December 2019, the COSARAF Foundation sponsored a team to attend and take part in the International Muslim women’s football tournament taking place in Dubai.