"As a result of funding from the COSARAF Foundation, Youth Leads UK has supported over 100 young people upskill and move onto the next stage of their lives through 1-1 support, advice and guidance. We have also been able to transform as an organisation to be clearer in our aims and objectives and our future plans. We’re well on the way to future-proofing ourselves and we’ve learnt just how important an efficient and effective core staff team is. The funding provided us space to dream about what we want to do to change the lives of young people and fulfil those dreams through our programmes of activity."
Saeed Atcha - CEO
Youth Leads UK

Through the course of the COSARAF Foundation’s three-year grant, Youth Leads have directly supported over 100 disadvantaged and disengaged young people to realise their potential and change their lives for the better across Greater Manchester.  As a result of the funding, Youth Leads UK support also managed to reach a further 400 beneficiaries.

Since they launched, Youth Leads has supported thousands of young people develop their skills, take on challenges and influence society for the better.

They achieved this through peer-led programmes of volunteering, social action projects, and learning experiences, and by amplifying the voice of young people with key decision makers.

“During my time at Youth Leads, I have learned how to initiate and create change to benefit my local community, taking an idea and learning how to put it into action. Through Youth Leads, I have had the opportunity to work in a team alongside like-minded people. I have been made to feel valued, and as a result, I have become more confident sharing my thoughts and ideas with others.”
Young Person
Youth Leads UK

Funding from the COSARAF Foundation has given Youth Leads CEO and Board the opportunity to undertake (due to the time relieved from the Executive) a strategic review with external consultants. This is the first time that the organisation has ever had an organisational strategy, business plan and fundraising strategy.