Throughout the course of the COSARAF Foundation’s three year grant to Youth Leads UK, they will support 30 disadvantaged and disengaged young people to realise their potential and change their lives for the better across Greater Manchester. Since they started out, Youth Leads UK has supported thousands of young people develop their skills, take on challenges and influence society for the better.

They do this through peer-led programmes of volunteering, social action projects, and learning experiences, and by amplifying the voice of young people with key decision makers.

My journey at Youth Leads has been an incredible one. It has given me the confidence to get involved in things that I wouldn’t have earlier on. Through being a part of the social events and activities we’ve organised, I got an opportunity to enhance my communication skills and use my creativity to help make a difference. The love and support from the team has always encouraged me to put my best in everything we do in our community.
Abeer, 17 (in picture)

Funding from the COSARAF Foundation has given our CEO and Board the opportunity to undertake (due to the time relieved from the Executive) a strategic review with external consultants. This is the first time that the organisation has ever had an organisational strategy, business plan and fundraising strategy.