Bright Futures started in 2009, when they hired an ex- factory right next to the slum.  They created a bold, colourful space that the children could call their own and where they were safe after school. 

In addition to academic support the centres aims to widen the horizons of the young people who attend the centre.  This includes ensuring they celebrate every festival from Eid to Diwali, Christmas and New Year with song, dance, drama and food. They take young people on excursions and run creative and sports programmes.

Our grant has supported Bright Futures to move in to a new Centre to expand and upgrade the facility to support their growth. Their ambition is to increase the number of young people supported to 150 students by 2019.  They are operational six days a week from 12pm-6pm, have seven teachers, 18 computers and currently over 100 children.