The Noor Project is a 501(C)3 NPO with a mission to equip impoverished communities with the tools to escape poverty and, thus, become self-sustainable. We strive to achieve the
above through carefully curated programs proven effective to our mission including: literacy, career workshops, health clinic and pharmacy, dental clinic, food bank, feeding center,
orphanage, elderly home, roti project and legal aid cell.

The Project Aims

The Noor Project aims to raise marginalised families above the poverty line by supporting the families for the shortterm and – vitally – by striving to make them self-sufficient in the long-term through its comprehensive suite of programmes Over a period of 3-6 months, as well as providing families’ basic needs such as food, grocery, healthcare and child education, the Project provides adult family members with the skills to find well-paying jobs in the market. 

"The Foundation has developed an important relationship with The Noor Project over a number of years and we are delighted to extend this support. The Noor Project is delivering incredibly important work in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Pakistan, helping local communities to become thriving self-sufficient engines for change."
Haroon Sheikh
Foundation Chairman

The Noor Project addresses the most severe of problems that stem from extreme hunger and poverty at their location in Lahore, Pakistan. Their literacy school supports 400-480 students with 60 new students enrolling every year; their career workshops upskills 450-500 trainees; they address the healthcare needs of 8,975 patients and the dental needs of 2,640 patients annually; their food bank provides one million plus meals whilst their feeding center serves 330,000 meals annually; their orphanage houses 68 girls and their recently luanched elderly home accounts for
many seniors.

COSARAF Foundation’s funding supports delivery of the following:
• Literacy Project
• Workshops
• Food bank
• Feeding Centres
• Orphanage
• Elderly Home
• Health Clinic
• Dental Clinic
• Roti Project
• Legal Aid Cell