Scholars’ Fund

Awarding hardship funds to undergraduate Muslim home students in significant financial need.

  • Applicant’s attending recognised Universities (Excluding the University of Cambridge, where Downing College manages Bursaries on behalf of the COSARAF Foundation)
  • Part 1: Personal details

  • (if he or she has previously intermitted, please indicate)
  • (in the case of a first year student, please give an indication of progress from supervision reports where possible)

    Home Student?
    Can you confirm that the applicant’s Director of Studies and supervisors report that he or she shows proficiency in his or her studies?
  • Part 2: Financial information

  • Total payable in 2020-21
  • e.g. hardship grants/loans, rent rebates, bursaries, holiday study grants; give amounts:
    (applicant’s can apply once a year)
  • (The maximum total award that may be made in any academic year is currently £2,000)
  • Tutor’s support

  • Tutors must attach a signed letter in detailed support, referring to the above information where appropriate. Please address fully the points mentioned in the Notes for Tutors’ Guidance.
  • (title, first name, surname)

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