Meet the Trustee

Meet Yusuf Sheikh, our Cosaraf Trustee and UK lead.

Get to know our Foundation Trustees as we introduce Yusuf Sheikh, our lead trustee for UK based projects and partners.

How long have you been involved as a trustee at Cosaraf?

I joined the board of trustees in September 2019.

What is your favourite thing about being a trustee?

I would have to say, one’s voice and responsibility. I feel as a trustee the responsibility in making a difference or an impact. In terms of voice, so your message can be heard and encourage more to do the same.

What do you feel is the most valuable thing Cosaraf is doing or helping deliver?

My personal view, education. I feel we impact best through education. Be that our scholarship programme, us providing facilities for learning or partnering with outlets like Plan international. 

What do you look for when assessing whether to fund a project?

My view has always and will always be that charity shouldn’t be people relying on others. It should be to give individuals the tools to rely on themselves. To help them become self-sufficient.  I see charity in ‘how can I help one help themselves and more?’

Tell us an unusual or interesting fact about yourself:

Interesting fact I would say is my ability to work under pressure and my spiritual side. Few people know that I really enjoy deep conversations about the purpose and meaning of life in its entirety. This brings me to Cosaraf and what I hope to achieve going forward.

Other News

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Donation to support vital Hertfordshire helpline

The COSARAF Foundation has awarded £3,500 to pay towards the full call handling service to support the ongoing services of the Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline.

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Supporting STEM careers for gifted girls

We have been supporting the African Gifted Foundation for a number of years now, annually sponsoring a female student , to complete their accelerated studies in further education to access university for careers in STEM.

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New micro-finance project in Pakistan

The COSARAF Foundation are excited to be partnering with the GEAR Trust to deliver a new project in micro-finance supporting the poor and needy into self-employment in Pakistan.

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