COSARAF Foundation announces strategic partnership with Dawood Foundation and Fahmida Begum Foundation

COSARF Foundation has announced a significant strategic partnership with The Dawood Foundation and the Fahmida Begum Foundation to support each other in various charitable initiatives undertaken in Pakistan. All three organizations share common goals such as promoting education without discrimination and establishing quality educational institutes.

The principal element of this agreement is to support the Fahmida Manzil Centre, an educational project delivered by the Fahmida Begum Foundation, through Dawood Public School in Karachi. Dawood Public School will support the project by:

• Assisting in curriculum development
• Conducting teacher training and support programs
• Assisting in developing systems and processes for the project
• Assisting in teacher recruitment
• Providing support and supervision in school management.
• Advising on building re-designing and renovations
• Sending selected students from Fahmida Manzil project to Dawood Public School

In addition, the partnership will cover collaboration on:

• Advice regarding Special Educational Needs provision for students at Dawood Public School
• Other projects run or supported by any of the parties where it is agreed collaboration would be beneficial

The trustees have ambitious expectations for the Foundation’s support of the Fahmida Manzil Centre in Karachi. Partnering with such an impressive organisation as the Dawood Foundation and Dawood Public School to help deliver on those ambitions is a real boost to helping us support some of the most deserving young people in Karachi and beyond. We very much look forward to working together to deliver this partnership, enabling all three charities to deliver more than they could ever do alone.
Jonathan Freeman, CEO
COSARAF Foundation
We are really excited to work with COSARAF and Fahmida Begum Foundation. Their vision correlates with our mission to empower individuals through education. We are equally enthusiastic about our partnership and hope to embark upon a journey that will benefit our youth and society.
Sabrina Dawood, CEO
The Dawood Foundation

The COSARAF Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales whose mission is to: promote strong and cohesive communities; enable young people to realise their potential; and, empower women and girls. The Fahmida Begum Foundation is a registered society in Pakistan whose mission is to provide the resources and facilities for the poorest citizens of Mehran Town essential for them to live active and productive lives. The principal donor of the Foundation is the COSARAF Foundation. The Dawood Foundation (TDF) is a philanthropic organization that aims to promote education in all strata of society without discrimination of gender, class or ethnicity. Dawood Public School (DPS) is an independently run non-profit organization, working in close collaboration with TDF. DPS is an all-girls school, established in 1983, providing quality CIE O&A Level education.

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