Boost for Carers in Bangladesh this Ramadan

The COSARAF Foundation’s Ramadan Fund awarded £4,902 to Carers Worldwide to supplement their support to disabled children and their carers in Savar sub-district of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

With our support, Carers Worldwide have been able to provide the following support during the holy month of Ramadan and in the period immediate afterwards:
Nutritious food and Iftar parties for 108 disabled children and 106 mothers
This support was organised via six of the project’s community caring centres. The children received daily nutritious food and one Iftar party was held in each centre, to which the mothers were also invited. As well as providing a much-needed nutritional boost to the children, the parties also provided a social opportunity for the children and their mothers, which is a rare occurrence in most of their lives.  The Iftar parties were inclusive of all carers in the community and contributed to bonding the women together: “Carers from all religions were invited to the Iftar party and it was a beautiful event for all. We are really happy about this,” said one of the mothers, Shipra Gomej.

“Being a mother of a disabled child, I am never invited to any social events. But today I was able to join this party organised by CDD and Carers Worldwide. I am so happy!”

Provision of AFO orthotics – walking aids
Four children with cerebral palsy were assessed and fitted with ankle foot orthoses to provide them with the necessary support to be able to stand independently. As well as having a life changing impact on the children, the fact that their children are now able to stand and do not need to be lifted and held anymore has a significant impact on their mothers: “Before, our children could not stand alone. We had to hold them and carry them constantly, which was a great physical stress. Now they can stand with the support of the AFOs, our burden is greatly reduced We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to CDD and Carers Worldwide.”


Specialised services for carers over 50 years of age
225 carers were identified and provision planned via five health camps. To date, three camps have taken place and 134 carers (120 women and 14 men) have received medical check-ups looking at common health issues that affect people as they get older. The remaining two camps are planned for 30th May and 5th June and will involve the remaining 91 carers. This support is picking up physical health issues amongst the carers which can then be treated and is also providing emotional reassurance. The project has made links with the local government hospital and doctors there have been made aware of any carers needing ongoing support, so that they can be treated in a timely manner. “I am very much happy to receive this specialised medical treatment close to my home. Now I know what my physical health problems are and I will be confident to visit the government hospital for more help.” (Johura Begum, carer)

Mental health support for barefoot counsellors and carer representatives
The planned support sessions are planned to take place on 6th and 7th June.

"On behalf of the families involved in the project, the staff of our partner CDD and Carers Worldwide, I would like to extend sincere thanks to the Trustees of the Cosaraf Charitable Foundation for their generous support of disabled children and their parent carers during the special period of Ramadan."
Ruth Patil
Development Director, Carers Worldwide

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