• The area of Pakistan under water is bigger than the size of England

  • Food – Kenya: daily feeding 700 women and children

Less than a year after the devastating floods of 2010, Pakistan was hit by further flooding in August and September 2011. These floods cost lives, livelihoods and quality of life.

Though the world’s media has moved on, the problems remain, and remain pressing.

Akbar Sheikh, Trustee of COSARAF was honoured to be invited to join the international leadership team for The Pakistan Recovery Fund, which is a collaborative effort by those who have answered HRH The Prince of Wales call to action to help the people of Pakistan. The Fund was convened by the British Asian Trust.

Placing strong emphasis on transparency, quality control and impact measurement, the Fund selected quality delivery partners, high-impact projects and tightly managed and monitored programmes in order to ensure that donations are wisely and efficiently spent.

By match funding with partner organisations, the fund has doubled the impact of every donation made.



We are very grateful to the Sheikh family for their generous support towards the Pakistan Recovery Fund and The British Asian Trust. The family has a very clear objective of assisting those most disadvantaged in Pakistan and their support is directed to make a real impact on those most in need. The Sheikh family support is not just financial – as leading members of the diaspora community, they have been wonderful in helping us strengthen our relationships with the community at large – we look forward to their continued support!’

Hitan Mehta, Executive Director,
The British Asian Trust

An estimated 925 million people – 13% of the world’s population live with food scarcity and struggle to meet their daily nutritional needs. One third of the children in the developing world are malnourished and over half of the 109 million child deaths a year are related to poor nutrition.

COSARAF support the feeding of over 700 women and child daily through the Kenya Feeding Project as well supporting the drilling of boreholes in various rural villages.

Around the world, millions of people are starving. The COSARAF Kenya Food Project, is our chance to make a small, yet vital contribution to improve the lives of people in one of the most deprived areas in the world. Together we can make a positive change and help build a better the future for everyone.”

Fahmida Sheikh – Founder Trustee, mother of Haroon and Farouq Sheikh