Haroon and Farouq believe that, through empowering young people with the value of education and social entrepreneurship, they can make a positive change for society as a whole and create something for future generations.


As Mosaic’s Gold Patrons, COSARAF inspires young people from deprived communities to realise their talents and potential.

Founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007, Mosaic’s mission is to create opportunities for young people of all backgrounds growing up in our most deprived communities by harnessing the power of positive thinking.

Mosaic believes that positive aspirations are crucial for young people’s future success; what people aspire to do as a child is linked to what they do later in life and that low aspirations lead to poor academic attainment and professional achievement.

For many young people an ‘aspirations-attainment gap’ is caused by a lack of information about how they can realise their ambitions, by too few role models and a lack of contacts in professional roles.


According to a report published by Demos, an evaluation think-tank, Mosaic’s Secondary School Mentoring Programmes are delivering a real impact to the young people it serves in some of the most disadvantaged communities. It also found that the same programmes are providing a wide range of benefits for the hundreds of mentors that support our work. Last year, Mosaic supported over 2,000 young people from some of the most deprived communities across the UK.

The support of the Foundation as Gold Patrons of Mosaic’s work is hugely appreciated. The Foundation’s most generous long-term contribution provides Mosaic with the sustainability required to ensure we deliver the much-needed support of young people growing up in our most deprived communities.”

Jonathan Freeman, National Director at Mosaic.